Steve was our real estate broker, and he helped us find our first home. He handled all the details relative to our search including handling the coordination surrounding our property visits, and efficiently navigated the buying process, and made our search stress free. When it came time to negotiate the best price for us, his instinct saved us ten thousand dollars, despite the fact that there was another bidder for the same property. We were very happy to have Steve Garai as our real estate broker, and do not hesitate to recommend him.

Olek, and Irina Slobodyan

Mr. Steve Garai, real estate broker, accompanied my daughter and I in the purchase of a duplex. Throughout the process, he always kept us informed and followed due diligence. He narrowed down the properties that were in our price range, and according to what we were looking for, and in the desired neighbourhoods.  Subsequently, he organized visits and patiently advised us as each and every subsequent steps including the inspection phase, all done quickly and with tact. For each property, he prepared a comparative analysis to allow us to analyze the value of these properties. He presented and justified the price of our offer, with valid arguments and ensured that we didn’t overpay.

He protected our rights and our responsibilities when dealing with listing brokers, inspectors, mortgage lenders and assisted us at the closing. He led us through the process methodically, with lots of patience and an ethical attitude. Thanks to his services, we found a home in the area we were looking, at a price to suit our budget and greatly reduced our stress and uncertainty, and saved us a great deal of time.
Marie-Claude Bertrand

I would like to provide a testimonial about my experience with Steve Garai, Real Estate Broker. Steve was always available for me and was always punctual for all visits. 

We picked over with a fine tooth comb about a dozen properties before finding the one that was appropriate for our needs. Steve was always up to date on the information relative to each property under consideration prior to our visit, having done his homework on the characteristics of each property, including the Vendor Declaration. If I had a question Steve had the answer.
During the promise to purchase phase, I especially appreciated Steve’s expertise in having evaluated the property under consideration because it yielded clues as to the quality of management within the condo building. Therefore thanks to his professionalism, his knowledge, and his communication style, I had the peace of mind with which I could complete my real estate project within a short time frame.
Thank-you Mr. Garai!

Martine Perrin

Steve Garai est un courtier immobilier très professionnel mais avant tout une personne à l'ecoute de vos besoins. Il m'a accompagné dans le processus de recheche d'un local commercial. Nous avons établi une stratégie éclairée de négociation et ainsi j'ai pu trouvé le bien immobilier souhaité. Il m'a tout expliqué sur les différentes démarches de la transaction (les clauses du contrat de location commerciale, les délais, les obligations des deux parties) ce qui a facilité la signature du bail. Je me suis sentie en totale confiance. Je vous recommande donc ses services, que ce soit pour un achat, une vente ou une  location  dans le résidentiel ou le commercial. 

Christine Lenoir

Steve Garai is a professional real estate broker whose distinguishing factor is his ability to listen carefully to your needs. He accompanied me in all the aspects of a detailed search relative a commercial property which I was looking for. We established a strategy, and through fruitful negotiation we secured the right location. Steve explained to me thoroughly the various procedures of the transaction such as contractual leasing clauses, the delays, and the joint obligations of the contracting parties which made the signing of the lease that much less stressful. I felt totally secure and confident throughout the process. I highly recommend Steve's services whether it is a purchase, a sale, or a lease, be it in the residential or commercial sector of real estate.

Christine Lenoir

Dear Mr. Garai, It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. You went above and beyond to find an apartment thats perfect for us. We have dealt with a number of real state brokers but you stood out, overwhelming us with your transparency, honesty and professionalism. We are grateful for all you've done for us, and we will highly recommend you to anyone looking to rent or settle down. Thank you so much for all you've done. We are glad to have met you and made a new friend.


The Saadawi Family 

I’d like to write a few words on my experience with Steve Garai, real estate broker.

Dealing with Steve Garai was delightful. He was professional, courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable.  Although I am experienced in real estate matters, he ensured that we were at all times synchronized in our joint understanding and expectation of my evolving transaction. He took care of all the paperwork, watched over all the critical deadlines, and provided me effective counsel during the negotiation phase. As a result, my time was freed so that I could concentrate on my own business. I really appreciated his consultative approach. I highly recommend Steve Garai’s real estate brokerage services, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon his team in the future.

Gordon M.

We wanted to write the following testimony regarding Steve Garai, our Real Estate Broker. After many years living in Blainville, it was time to sell our property. We tried on our own, even gave the mandate to a local competing broker, but didn’t have any success. Then we met with Steve, from the Montreal area, to whom we explained our requirements. We were concerned because this was not Steve’s neighbourhood. However our fears were laid to rest as he explained to us his marketing plan which we liked. At the same time, we relied on him to find us a replacement home in Montreal West.
The property we fell in love with in Montreal West could not be acquired using the common method of making our offer conditional to the sale of our home (in Blainville). We, therefore, were facing two active mortgages – no pressure on Steve! 🙂  Needless to say, Steve came through brilliantly and handled the whole stressful affair with brio. Not only did he find a buyer for our home, he helped us narrow down, visit, find, and negotiate the acquisition of our replacement home in the desired area with skillful timing.
Here is how Steve impressed us and differentiated himself from the rest. He kept us informed every step of the way, and we received regular reports. Our stress was greatly reduced thanks to his attention to detail, well-planned approach to the marketing of our home, and his interpersonal style. Lastly, his watchful care of our heart and soul, our very home, was handled with the utmost respect.  He didn’t just sit back. As he explained to us during the initial interview, he uses the active technique to sell properties, which greatly increases the number of qualified (financially) visits to our property. Furthermore, he knocked on every door in the neighbourhood looking for buyer referrals to buy our home and promoted traffic to the many open houses he held. He told us he’d advertise our home at the local shopping mall, and we didn’t know what to expect until he showed us a picture of how he canvassed all the vehicles in the parking lot with plasticized promotional brochures of our home, and this was on a snowy, cold, sub-zero day!

In conclusion, Steve successfully coordinated the sale of our Blainville home with the acquisition and closing of our replacement home, thereby reducing our exposure to unnecessary cash flow strain. I am very happy to say, Steve had a firm grasp of all the operational aspects of his business. He handled both of our transactions knowledgeably, confidently, enthusiastically, and followed up with us regularly, and executed on his plan. Whenever our mood waned he was always there to cheerfully reassure us, emphasizing that all was according to plan, and on track to sell our home within the allotted time frame.

We are delighted to share our story, our experience with Steve Garai. He is a consummate real estate professional, easy going, with a disarming sense of humour. We wholeheartedly recommend and endorse him and his real estate services. Thanks, Steve!

Steeve Michaud and Aurora Patrascu

We moved our entire family to Montreal from another Province, in the context of a job transfer. Steve helped us find the right location from a series of different municipalities, and he coordinated a whole week’s worth of visits, given we had one week in which to make a final decision on the ultimate property and location. Steve dedicated himself entirely to our needs, and we wouldn’t have been able to feel so secure about our decision had he not been there to help us. He organized every aspect of our search, visits, paper work, financing, inspection, negotiation, and communication. He was also with us at the notary, making the entire home buying process seamless and free of worry. His advice was invaluable, and it was evident that he is a deeply caring person. If you want peace of mind, we highly recommend Steve Garai’s real estate brokerage services.

Robert, and Christine Quilliam

Real Estate Broker

​Courtier immobilier 

Cher M. Garai, Ce fut un vrai plaisir de travailler avec vous. Vous avez dépassé nos attentes en nous trouvant un appartement parfait pour nous. Nous avons traité avec un certain nombre de courtiers avant de de vous avoir contacté, mais vous vous êtes distingué en ayant démontré une transparence inédite, ainsi que par votre honnêteté et votre professionnalisme. Nous sommes reconnaissant pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour nous, et nous vous recommandons vivement a quiconque cherche à louer ou à s'installer dans un appartement. Merci beaucoup. Nous sommes heureux de vous avoir rencontrer et d’avoir trouver un nouvel ami.

La Famille Saadawi

J’aimerais recommander Steve Garai comme courtier immobilier. Au cours de mes recherches, Steve s’est toujours montré disponible et très ponctuel pour les visites.

Nous avons passé au peigne fin une douzaine de propriétés avant de trouver la propriété qui répondait à mes besoins.  Steve était toujours bien informé sur chacune des ces propriétés avant notre visite, ayant bien étudié au préalable leurs caractéristiques respectives, que ce soit au niveau de la déclaration du vendeur, ou les fiches descriptives de chaque propriété. Si j’avais une question Steve avait la réponse.

Lors de l’offre d’achat, j’ai particulièrement apprécié son expertise tant au niveau de l’évaluation du meilleur prix a offrir selon les comparables vendus récemment, qu’au niveau de la stratégie à adopter pour l’atteinte de mes objectifs, et du suivi du dossier.

Il est évident qu’il a une grande connaissance dans ce domaine spécialisé des condos divises, ayant pu constater toutes les vérifications qu’il a faites, non seulement des documents fournis sur la propriété, mais en particulier auprès du syndicat en place, pour mieux évaluer leur gestion de l’immeuble.

Ainsi, grâce à son souci du détail, son professionnalisme et son excellente communication, j’ai pu mener à bien mon projet d’achat dans un délai relativement court. Merci M. Garai!
Martine Perrin
Nous avons déménagé notre famille à Montréal d’une autre province, dans le cadre d’un transfert d’emploi. Steve nous a aidé à trouver le bon emplacement d’une série de différentes municipalités, et il a coordonné la valeur d’une semaine entière de visites, étant donné que nous avions une semaine pour prendre une décision finale sur la propriété ultime et l’emplacement. Steve se consacre entièrement à nos besoins, et nous aurait pas été capable de sentir si sûr de notre décision avait-il pas été là pour nous aider. Il organise tous les aspects de notre recherche, visites, travail du papier, le financement, l’inspection, la négociation et la communication. Il était aussi avec nous chez le notaire, ce qui rend l’ensemble du processus d’achat de maison transparente et libre de soucis. Ses conseils étaient précieux, et il était évident qu’il est une personne profondément solidaire. Si vous voulez la paix d’esprit, nous vous recommandons fortement les services de courtage immobilier de Steve Garai.

Robert et Christine Quilliam

Steve était notre courtier immobilier, et il nous a aidés à trouver notre première maison. Il a géré tous les détails relatifs à notre recherche, y compris la manipulation de la coordination autour de nos visites de propriété, et de manière efficace navigué sur le processus d’achat, et fait notre stress de la recherche libre. Quand est venu le temps de négocier le meilleur prix pour nous, son instinct nous a sauvés de dix mille dollars, malgré le fait qu’il y avait un autre soumissionnaire pour la même propriété. Nous avons été très heureux d’avoir Steve Garai comme notre courtier immobilier, et ne pas hésiter à le recommander.

Olek, et Irina Slobodyan

Monsieur Steve Garai, courtier immobilier, nous a accompagné ma fille et moi dans l’achat d’un duplex que nous souhaitions partager. Tout au long des démarches, il s’est assuré avec diligence de son mandat. Entre autres en nous faisant parvenir dès leurs parutions les nouvelles inscriptions dans les quartiers sélectionnés pour les qualités que nous recherchions. Par la suite, il a organisé les visites et les inspections nécessaires avec célérité et tact. Pour chacune des propriétés, il nous a apporté des analyses comparatives nous permettant d’analyser la valeur de celles-ci de manière juste dans le secteur immobilier choisi. Il a défendu nos offres d’achat devant les acheteurs avec des arguments valides et fidèles à la réalité en ce qui a trait à la qualité de ces propriétés et de leur coût.
Lors des offres d’achat, il a été le gardien de nos droits et de nos responsabilités auprès des courtiers inscripteurs, des inspecteurs, du prêteur hypothécaire et du notaire. Il nous a conduit au travers du processus avec méthode, beaucoup de patience et une attitude éthique. Nous avons finalement trouvé une propriété dans le quartier recherché, à un prix convenant à nos budgets et avec un accompagnement de grande qualité.

Marie-Claude Bertrand